An Ecosystem of Reforestation Agents.

Building tools that empower community-driven reforestation around the world.

Our Roots

Before Silvi, there was Justlearn, a company crafting modular K-12 curricula dedicated to teaching aquaponics and sustainable farming methods to children in classrooms.

As founder Djimo Serodio, and his team, began to explore a module for tree planting, he realized there was room for a new platform to grow, one dedicated to reforestation around the world. Further, he began to imagine a world where financial systems are intrinsically tied to natural capital, positioning trees as a foundational and sustainable asset class that the global financial system can be pegged to.

Hence Silvi was born - from the essential question and company motto, “how do we enable 100 million people to make a living planting 1 trillion trees?”

Silvi isn't just a company; it's a movement dedicated to accelerating global reforestation and providing sustainable livelihoods for millions, sowing seeds of hope and healing for our planet.

Growth Trajectory


Urban Reforestation in Fort Meyers, Florida
We engaged with 10+ schools and community partners in order to propagate almost 5,000 trees, while engaging dozens of students and community members in the process.


Climate Collective Grant
We won a grant from the Climate collective to engage in reforestation pilots + build our tree-steward payouts.
Silvi Alpha
We built the first version of the Silvi App, an exciting tool for tree stewardship and community engagement. It enabled users to easily document tree information, including images and species, enabling better management and growth tracking.
Reforestation in the Kakamega Forest
Silvi partnered with Eliud, a former primary teacher turned reforestation champion near the Kakamega forest. After 8 months, Silvi’s network of early adopters have propagated ~70,000 trees across 15 pilot sites in Kenya around the Kakamega Forest.


Silvi Closed Beta
We shipped the closed beta of the Silvi App, including UX upgrades and tree-steward payouts.

The Vision

We aim to create a future where:

Every tree is planted and stewarded regeneratively, to enrich the unique local life system and the humans that live within it.
People and trees around the world engage in mutually beneficial and conscious relationships
People grow and share tree wisdom together on a global scale, with rich local context.
We learn to see through the eyes of a tree to glean how we can relate to our living ecosystems
Trees are honored as a high-quality reserve asset in our financial institutions and businesses.
Anyone can sustain a dignified livelihood through planting and stewarding the right trees in the right places.
Learn how we’re creating this future by
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Our Team

Djimo Serodio
Founder & CEO
Ritij Jain
Backend Developer
Adam French
Regenerative Strategist
Jan Camille
Creative Strategist
Hannah Erickson
Jeremic Arose
Web3 Developer
Chuck Okoroji
Front End Developer
Dennis Kimathi
Front End Developer


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