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What’s ReForestation?

In ReForestation, Every Tree and Community Matters

We’ve seen many amazing movements around reforestation that have planted millions of hectares of trees. But many of these movements have sacrificed the longevity of these trees and the health of the overall ecosystem in exchange for these large numbers.

On one hand, we need a massive global movement for replanting trees to heal the damage from the 420 million hectares of forest that have been destroyed since 1990.

On the other hand, we recognize the importance of the right placement and species of each individual tree within the context of the larger ecosystem and the financial incentives and social norms of how the local community relates with the tree.

This complex challenge begs the creation of a platform for global ReForestation, where tree-based organizations, local communities with native tree knowledge, and people who want to steward trees to maturity can build our collective tree wisdom to accelerate ReForestation efforts around the world.

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The Vision

Every tree is planted and stewarded regeneratively, to enrich the unique local life system and the humans that live within it.

People and trees around the world engage in mutually beneficial and conscious relationships

We learn to see through the eyes of a tree to glean how we can relate to our living ecosystems

People grow and share tree wisdom together on a global scale, with rich local context.

Trees are honored as a high-quality reserve asset in our financial institutions and businesses.

Anyone can sustain a dignified livelihood through planting and stewarding the right trees in the right places.

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Join the ReForestation Movement

Who's Involved?

A group of people and organizations passionate about trees

We’re Silvi, a distributed organization building tools that empower regenerative reforestation around the world.

We realized that the ambitious vision around reforestation we dreamed up would take global collaboration to bring to fruition, and we’re confident that all of our efforts combined can create the structures needed to bring humans, trees, and larger ecosystems into harmony across the world.

What are we building?

A Network and Innovative Tools to Empower ReForestation.

We’re creating a network for regenerative reforestation, and seeding it with innovative tools that communities, tree-focused organizations, investors, and tree-steward education initiatives can use to empower regenerative reforestation efforts across the planet.

We eventually want to leverage the coordination potential of distributed governance, using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to create a global, decentralized hub for catalyzing regenerative reforestation.

Here are the tools we're working on now:

Silvi - The ReForestation App

A mobile app with the purpose of enabling tree stewards to easily track and report ground truth on their reforestation projects, share the process of stewarding individual trees with community and funders, and engage in reforestation-based games with friends.

Treekipedia - The Tree Intelligence Commons

A place where anyone can go to see best practice for planting and stewarding different species of trees, with place-specific information. This platform would document the collective intelligence on planting and stewarding trees with real-world examples from organizations and communities.

Tree Forwards - Low-Risk ReForestation Funding

Tree forwards are ways for funders of ReForestation to invest in projects with transparency, higher upside than carbon credits, and mitigated risk through community involvement. We use milestone-based payouts to ensure that that tree stewards are incentivized to steward the tree to maturity.

The Silvi Token - High-Growth ReForestation Investments

We’re creating a crypto currency to fund high-integrity ReForestation and deliver high returns to early investors. What’s the value backing the crypto currency, you ask? Trees, and the revenue from eco-credits produced by them.

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